General Update & Editorial Shoot.


So where to start….Well maybe with a small ‘sorry’ for those who were waiting for the new post, I know that I haven’t posted anything in  a month, but you cannot even imagine how much work I had going on! Some of it was Uni work and some of it was retouching…the rest was just typical stuff that needs to be done from time to time: backing up, organising Lightroom catalogues, social media, website updates and some idea/journal developments.

I’m going to start of with new milestones on 500px, we have reached 25,000 views as well as 325 Followers! We would have reached that a lot quicker but sadly I wasn’t posting any work on there for a good while.

Next in line is an Editorial shoot that i did with my great team:

Nicola Scally-MUA

Stefanie Nicola Williams-Model

Chelsea Danielle Wheatley-Model

Lucie Cookson-Fashion Designer/Stylist

So this time we had a great team and we were shooting at an amazing location:  Roach Abbey which is based in South Yorkshire (you can find more info here:  and I must say it is just beautiful, there is plenty of open space with a mixture of old ruins that just add this magical look. The entire shoot began at 6 pmand right from there we went with models to do their makeup while me and Lucie (stylist) were choosing the outfits. By 9 we have headed off to our location (please note that I’ve already been there before few days ago so I knew which spots I would like to pick!). Here s few shots from the location:


I do believe that location scouting is important and it defiantly pays off when it comes to the final days of shooting, its just that another level of preparation which in my opinion its the most important part of shooting, especially if you are shooting for someone else who is paying you, since they expect you to bring best images with a fully professional approach.


Once we got to our location, we took all the equipment with us and headed to the first spot, straight away I knew that we will struggle with the light since the sun was coming out and hiding all the time, then after a while the wind kicked in and that did not help at all, so I had to use some extra help from my team to hold the reflectors other wise they would just fly away.So the first spot was great but the models were not fully comfortable so I knew that we will have to come back to it later on, after about 30 minutes they finally started cracking up and we started getting some quality work. After about 40 minutes we have done several spots and have decided to check what we got so far. After that we all decided on what outfit should go next and which location would be suitable for it.

AS the time went by, the sun has settled down and we had beautiful light all the time, in fact all i had to do i use 2 reflectors one to diffuse the sunlight and one with a golden panel to reflect some warmth into the subjects.


So here you can see a closer look at the lighting setup, it was pretty much the same setup for most of the shots, the only difference there was at times, was taking away one of the reflectors. I did not want to use any flash this time, just to challenge my self  and see what I can do in the camera. Almost always I use flash so all we had this time was a camera and two reflectors, all I had to do is just pray for good sunlight and trust my current skills. I would really highly advise everyone to try that from time to time, but don’t just do it with your friend, in order to make this a challenge you need to do something important, not just some test shots because you are not going to try as hard…(trust me on this one) if we have a team of people who have already done a great job e.g. MUA or stylist, the only person that everyone will be looking up to next is you, photographer. Everyone already knows that they have done their  part so its your turn to show them what you are capable of! Also, this way you are gaining their trust, you are showing them that you don’t need to use some highly advanced equipment in order to achieve some great images, you are simply being good enough to do it!


For those who wonder, no one got paid during the shoot, everyone one was doing it just for the images and most important for fun because to me thats what is the best about ‘editorial’ work , you have a lot more freedom so there is a lot more time to mess about and enjoy yourself, usually there is no tight deadline and you can easily spread the shoot over few days unless you know that the weather will change drastically! :D

So you could ask your self how did I manage to get an entire team of people and make them ‘work’ for free? Well I am not going to lie and I am going to say it wasn’t that easy and if you think that you will get a team just like ‘that’ (which you could if you are lucky enough) you may be a little bit disappointed, why?  Lets just say that you post an ad on Facebook or any other social networking website where you could connect with potential team members and you state that you will be having a shoot on specific date and that you need a makeup artist or whoever. At this stage you are committing to work with people that you have never worked with before so you have no idea of their workflow, standard and ‘habits’. What I am trying to say is that a trust worthy team is not being made within days, you need to develop a relationship in order to trust certain people and be able to leave them to what they are best at! But the question ‘How did I manage to make them work for free?’ is still not answered. Time and quality of my work. Two important factors, I’ve been working with these people for at least 2 years and I have never let them down, they have seen my work several times and every time we worked together , we always got some amazing photos! Now, I’m not saying that you need to wait to years to get people work with you for free but the relationship helps out a lot because if they all know (including you asa photographer) that you are going to get some amazing work out of it, they will be willing to commit!

So next time you are planning on having a shoot, try to keep that in mind, I’ve been only shooting specifically  fashion/beauty for about 3 years (5 years in general but that includes still life) and I am only 20 years old so if you do think ‘ohh I’m too young to be as good a someone’ then its time to change that, practice makes perfect! Every single photographer has started from the bottom, some of them had more luck and had a chance to assists some amazing and talented people which helps out a lot, but you should never doubt yourself!  There will be days that will make you feel like you are never going to accomplish your goal but i have nothing else to say than just keep trying! I’ve been there and I still do have days like that but….I’m trying! That matters, or at least I choose to believe that hahaha.

Here is few shots front he shoot:

Nicola-abby-shoot-286-Edit-1 Nicola-abby-shoot-352-Edit-1 Nicola-abby-shoot-353-1

Nicola-abby-shoot-588-1 Nicola-abby-shoot-589-1 Nicola-abby-shoot-605-1

I still have more to post and edit so watch out for them on the website. I probably will do a little update note on the blog once I put them on.

Twitter: @dareks93

500px: darekszwedo

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