Ohhh Crab…


Its been a long two weeks: Brand new studio, plenty of new ideas, work and new people that want either work with me or I want to work with. But from time to time you just have to turn off your phone, get whatever you need and lock yourself in the studio. Get shit done. Run away if you may. Let the magic happen and remind your self why you fell in love with photography in the first place. For me, it was always the ability to mess around, play with stuff and get something amazing out of it and that was exactly what I have tried this time! I always wanted to shoot something that involved paints but I never had balls to do it…mainly because I know it equals big mess and possibly ruining stuff including studio, but I finally had a chance and courage to do so.


We (me and my assistant Adam Darbyshire who is an illustrator and has pretty good eye for details) went out to town to get everything we needed. First we started off with some random objects , that consists of: A real crab (don’t worry it was already dead) a Vinyl record as well as an artefact in a shape of &. Next we had to get some paint, I didn’t need a lot of it so we ended up just purchasing some testers which were only £1 each (deal of my life) we got : Lime Green, Red Rose and Blue Sky. The last thing we needed was something to use as a base colour, so the choice was simple. White spray. After spraying each object, we moved onto hanging them down, for that part we used some black wire which was better than an ordinary string simply because it was more stiff, which meant , placing our objects n the air was a lot simpler.

After we sprayed everything, we could move onto setting up the objects:



As for the lighting, I have used 4 D1 Profoto lights, two at the front of the object and two behind it just to light the background. The first two had different light attachments: Open Reflector+10 degree grid, the second light had just a Magnum Reflector. the lights behind where bare. In the end (which you can’t see in the images above) we did have to flag the background lights since the light was getting back into the lens, so all of our images were coming out very flat. Also another important thing I need to mention is the dilution of the paints that we were using, as we were shooting the first object (&), we used green paint. At the time we had no idea what we were doing so instead off adding any water, we just decided to put some on, we didn’t do any tests or anything, we just went with it. My mistake. As it turned out, the paint was very slob by and instead of having nice running paint we had blobs everywhere:

As mentioned before, this was just fun, we didn’t really have a specific idea that we wanted to get across, in fact you can sort of think o fit as an exercise. I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in photography as a career to practice your eye all the time, even if its the shortest/simplest or stupidest shoot, just don’t think its not worth it. It is. Every time you will learn something new, you may not notice but trust me you will.


P.S. Crabs stick really bad 😀

Here are the final Images:

Crab-1 Green-&-1 Red-Record-1

Special thank you to my Assistant Adam Derbyshire.


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